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Hypnosis Session: Hypnotists:
Unstoppable Force Dr. Leanna N. Sidhe
Dr. Maeve Hyland
Categories:  Submission, Training, Trance Skills
For today's session, Dr. Leanna has someone to introduce you to: her assistant,
Dr. Maeve Hyland - that’s Dr. Hyland, to you. You’ll be going into trance for her, and with Dr. Leanna’s help, she’ll take control of your triggers. Before you know it, you’ll be going under for your new doctor every bit as deep as you do for Dr. Leanna.
Then, the real fun can begin.

In this trance, Dr. Leanna will work with Dr. Hyland to guide you down into trance, before allowing her to take the wheel. You’ll be coaxed into comfort and relaxation, and your rapport with Dr. Leanna will be extended to include Dr. Hyland - allowing her access to Dr. Leanna’s triggers, and the same degree of trance familiarity.
This session lays the groundwork for all future sessions featuring Dr. Hyland,
but stands on its own as a blissful submissive experience.

Note: This file includes light breath play. If you have heart problems or other contraindications, give this one a pass.

Length: 22 Minutes
Prerequisites: Learn to Sleep for Me
The Joy of Submission
Triggers Utilized: Finger Snaps, Sleep For Me, Stop/Start Breathing, Pulse
Triggers Installed: None
Post-Hypnotics: The listener's rapport with Dr. Leanna - as well as use of her trigger words - are extended to Dr. Hyland.
Downloads: Unstoppable Force (Definitive Edition)

Unstoppable Force (Lossless Definitive Edition) $10+ patrons
Subject Report: "This file was such a wonderful introduction to the brilliant
Dr. Hyland. Her coldly sadistic undertones are such a perfect foil to Dr. Leanna's soothing, almost parental nature. An induction with one of them in each ear was surprisingly effective, causing a quick slip down into trance, where Dr. Hyland explained our new roles.

Armed with all of the triggers and tools Dr. Leanna has been cultivating over the past sessions; Dr. Hyland is a force to be reckoned with! I found myself with an immediate urge to obey completely, and fell into line so naturally, it was as if I had been trancing with her for months already. She quickly demonstrates just how different a session with her can be, even when she's just using the same triggers you've been working with for so long. Spending this time getting used to Dr. Hyland's control was so very enjoyable, and I can't wait to let her into my mind again soon."

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