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Learn to Sleep for Me
Dr. Leanna N. Sidhe
Categories:  Training, Relaxation, Trance Skills
Every patient at Neverside Labs begins their journey the same way: a fast, deep trance to acclimatize them to Dr. Leanna's power, and installation of a trance-potentiating trigger. If you're new to Neverside Labs, or even to hypnosis, this is the perfect place to start. Even the experienced subject will find something for them here: test subjects report that this treatment is extremely pleasureable, and many go on to listen daily (or more!).

This was the very first trance I wrote, and has been an enduring fan favorite. It uses my favorite type of sudden induction, for which I must credit Charlotte Gray - I learned it from her. Even the most analytical and tense of my test subjects found this induction to be an awesome thrill ride, plunging into trance. The high-velocity induction is followed by a session of fractionation, deepening the trance by orders of magnitude.

Length: 21 Minutes
Prerequisites: None
Triggers Utilized: Finger Snaps, Sleep for Me
Triggers Installed: Sleep for Me - When spoken by Dr. Leanna, helps listener to drop into trance more deeply and readily.
Post-Hypnotics: The listener is more able to go into trance with Dr. Leanna.
The listener finds no difficulty in going into trance at will.
Downloads: (remastered) Learn to Sleep for Me (Definitive Edition)

Learn to Sleep for Me (Lossless Definitive Edition) $10+ patrons
Subject Report: "I really enjoy listening to this file regularly. It's so soothing and wonderful. The methods used in it are totally disarming and I find myself responding to triggers and suggestions in a whole new way. Your voice is so easy to listen to, so easy to drop to, in fact, I can't help going under almost immediately just hearing it when the session starts.

The trigger this session installs is very strong. I've been trancing for years and very few triggers have really stuck with me, but this one hits hard and fast every time it's used in this file, and also in other files of yours. Every time I hear it I find myself having an immediate and powerful response. I look forward to my treatments every day, thank you so much for helping me become a better subject for you!"

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