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Hypnosis Session: Hypnotist:
The Plunge
Dr. Maeve Hyland
Categories:  Trance Skills, Training, Relaxation
It's been a while since your first meeting with the elusive Dr. Hyland, and she's finally called you back for another session. It seems that she's got plans to put you through some hypnotic exercises, though you can't imagine what she has in store this time. She may be a bit scary, but you get the feeling that this time, it's nothing too intense. She has assured you, this will be relaxing more than anything else,
and very useful for future sessions.

This session is an experimental, relaxing trance, wrapped around a core of trance-skills practice. If you've ever wanted to be more able to experience visualization, immersion, sensations and the like while in trance, this is a good session to train with. While the enhancements are bound to a trigger installed here, the skills that
it grants you will extend to all your trancing experiences, given time to sink in.

Length: 28 Minutes
Prerequisites: Unstoppable Force
Doctor-Patient Relationship
Triggers Utilized: Finger Snaps, Take the Plunge, Pulse, Alice
Triggers Installed: Take the Plunge - The listener becomes more able to feel immersed in the hypnotic 'story' being told, developing a sense of dreamlike presence in the described reality.
Post-Hypnotics: None
Downloads: The Plunge

The Plunge (Lossless) $10+ patrons
Subject Report: "This session really was a 'plunge' - not just into a particularly deep trance, but into a whole new way of trancing. The vivid sensations of temperature and touch weren't feelings I thought trance could even give, but this session has just proven that the rabbit hole can always go deeper. It felt like Dr. Hyland has watched my progress in the labs and decided I'm finally ready to feel her power over not just my mind, but my body as well.

I felt like I had control over my body, without coming even a little out of trance - full immersion, in other words. While it was very liberating and relaxing to float freely through the setting, she never quite let me forget that she remained in control. I was definitely not expecting this theme, but it really works. "

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