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Hypnosis Session: Hypnotist:
Doctor-Patient Relationship
Dr. Leanna N. Sidhe
Categories:  Submission, Training, Reinforcement
Now that you’ve begun treatment at Neverside, Dr. Leanna has called you into her office. She meets with every new patient, to ensure a healthy doctor-patient relationship. The doctor will see to it that you leave her office seeing her as a welcome authority figure. This session focuses on helping to deepen feelings of submission to Dr. Leanna, and improving trance proficiency. With the help of a few hypnotic twists and turns, you’ll end up enjoying all the other files even more than before.

This is a good file to train with, if one wants to improve their ability to go into trance, stay there, and experience hypnotic narratives. In deepening your trusting comfort with Dr. Leanna, it doesn’t attempt to lessen your submission to anyone else. More than most, this file relies on not being your first trance at Neverside, so make sure you’ve done the prerequisite session before listening.

Length: 22 Minutes
Prerequisites: Learn to Sleep for Me
Triggers Utilized: Finger Snaps, Sleep for Me, Alice
Triggers Installed: Alice - When in trance at Neverside, feels like the listener's name. Summons pleasure and a happy submissive mindset.
Post-Hypnotics: The listener gains an increased trust in Dr. Leanna, feeling safer and more secure with her.
The listener can more easily go into trance with Dr. Leanna, and more readily experiences hypnotic effects.
Downloads: (remastered) Doctor-Patient Relationship (Definitive Edition)

Doctor-Patient Relationship (Lossless Definitive Edition) $10+ patrons
Subject Report: "After weeks of training I go under almost immediately for this file, the constant undertones of trust and compliance make it extremely enjoyable to listen and obey. This file has been so great, patience and precision are used to strengthen an already deeply rooted connection, bringing it closer and closer to being iron clad.

This file quickly lulls me down into a compliant state, making me feel safe and comfortable as deepener after deepener are applied, I really feel like a test subject at Neverside Labs now. This file brings Neverside closer and closer to my world, making it more solid with every listen. It really is everything I could have hoped for!"

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