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Hypnosis Session: Hypnotist:
Dr. Leanna N. Sidhe
Categories:  Submission, Fantasy, Breath Play
You've been a patient at Neverside for quite some time now, but you never quite expected this: an after-hours date with the good doctor herself. An evening at
a dungeon party, somewhere in the never-realm, you're not quite sure. It's hard
to remember the details, or if there were details provided... but you're sure it'll
be exhilarating. Being a good subject is always such a rewarding experience.

In somewhat of a departure from previous sessions, Surrender is heavily built around a guided storytelling experience. This is my love letter to the very real experience of being taken to a play party. You'll be guided through a dreamy, magical evening, drifting in and out of consciousness as you move through each stage of the experience. This session is the most intense yet, in multiple ways,
and will be a real treat for any of Dr. Leanna's long-time subjects.

Note: This file includes light breath play. If you have heart problems or other contraindications, give this one a pass.

Length: 45 Minutes
Prerequisites: Learn to Sleep for Me
The Joy of Submission
Triggers Utilized: Finger Snaps, Sleep For Me, Stop/Start Breathing, Pulse, Surrender
Triggers Installed: Surrender - The listener drops deeper, suddenly losing their will to resist, as well as their will to move. The scope of the trigger is limited to this specific file.
Post-Hypnotics: None
Downloads: Surrender


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Subject Report: "I wasn't prepared for this session, nor just how easily and confidently Dr. Leanna would pull me into her world. The first induction gently rocked me down, but the next three (or five - it's hard to count) utterly knocked me off my feet. I went so deep that I actually went into a new level of subspace, because my brain thought I was really there: in truth, I was.

It was all just so real! The emotions I felt mixed into a big messy ball: one part nervous butterflies, one part queasy fear, one part warm bliss and security. I'm not ashamed it to say it brought out tears from both ends of the emotional spectrum. I don't know if anyone else's experience will be quite as intense as mine, but just let that attest to how well this session spoke to me on a personal level."

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