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Hypnosis Session: Hypnotist:
Rinsing Your Brain
Dr. Leanna N. Sidhe
Categories:  Trance Skills, Brainwashing, Stress Relief
It's time for your treatment! It looks like you've been thinking too much, and here at Neverside Labs, we have ways of fixing that... This is a brainwashing themed session, built around the idea of rinsing away your thoughts to keep you a good, compliant patient for Dr. Leanna. Test subjects report the session leaves them feeling as though their brain has been rinsed clean of mental chatter, and that it's a very freeing experience. If brainwashing is your thing, you'll have a blast with this.

Even if you're not particularly interested in brainwashing, you'll still find this session beneficial. The techniques used are actually drawn in part from mindfulness meditation practice, which packs a serious stress-relief punch. What ends up rinsed away are stresses, tension, deafening mental chatter, and anxiety - not thought itself. This was one of the original ideas I had before I started Neverside: to wrap an intense guided meditation in the trappings of femdom, making it much more compelling. I'm extremely pleased with how it's come out.

Length: 31 Minutes
Prerequisites: Learn to Sleep for Me
Triggers Utilized: Finger Snaps, Sleep for Me
Triggers Installed: None
Post-Hypnotics: The listener is able to recall the session, to wash away stress.
Optional recommendation is made to return daily for treatment.
Downloads: (remastered) Rinsing Your Brain (Definitive Edition)

Rinsing Your Brain (Lossless Definitive Edition) $10+ patrons
Subject Report: "Just received my treatment today, and I feel so wonderful! It's like having a dream, waking up, knowing you've experienced everything in it moment by moment, but not being able to recall any of it, other than a few still images. This is so great, I've wanted to be able to experience memory loss for so long, I've been trancing for years and it's never worked before.

Aside from that, I feel so warm and safe when I'm in trance, so incredibly secure, like I'm in a home away from home. Also, over the past couple of days I've just felt happier than I think I'm used to. I'd definitely like to receive treatments every day from now on. Thank you so much!"

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