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The Saturday Method
Dr. Leanna N. Sidhe
Categories:  Orgasm Control, Chastity, Training
You've got an appointment with Dr. Leanna today - it seems you've been masturbating far too often. That kind of thing gets in the way of obedience, so a correction is in order. This treatment will firmly guide you into a new way of doing things. By resisting the urge to go and touch yourself, you'll be able to save up all those orgasms you shouldn't be having, and combine them into one big, rapturous orgasm later on. You'll end up more disciplined and obedient, too!

I very often get requests for chastity and orgasm control sessions - and this is my Neverside spin on that idea. The induction uses a mixture of a few techniques, masked with a veneer of story-telling. Many test subjects report experiencing it as a vivid, tactile dream of bondage and submission. For those who like to play with orgasm control, even just a little, this file can lead to an amazingly pleasurable new paradigm. It's recommended you regularly re-listen to the file, when acclimatizing to the new rules. Test subjects who reinforced regularly went on to have the best experiences.

Length: 23 Minutes
Prerequisites: Learn to Sleep for Me
Triggers Utilized: Finger Snaps, Sleep for Me
Triggers Installed: None
Post-Hypnotics: The listener can't enjoy masturbating on days other than Saturday. If listener has been good all week, masturbating on Saturday morning is a rapturous experience.
When having Saturday orgasm, listener will feel need to be nude.
Any frustration during the week manifests as desire to listen to Dr. Leanna's sessions.
Downloads: The Saturday Method (for Good Girls)
The Saturday Method (for Good Boys)

difference: use of phrases "good girl" and "good boy" respectively

The Saturday Method (for Good Girls) (VIP)
The Saturday Method (for Good Boys) (VIP)

variation in production: alternate music, trigger emphasis, stronger 3D stereo

The Saturday Method (for Good Girls) (No-BGM Edit)
The Saturday Method (for Good Boys) (No-BGM Edit)

simple version: no background music, reduced special effects

Subject Report: "Orgasm control was never something I thought I'd enjoy, but now I feel totally different! It just feels so right not to touch myself unless it's Saturday, because that means I can spend more of my week thinking about you. Once Saturday came after a week of listening it was amazing, such and incredible meaningful orgasm, all for you.

At first I wasn't sure what would happen, how I would react, but I've learned I just can't disobey you. After only one listen I was compelled, after two I was enthralled, and now there's no going back for me. I look forward to Saturday all week, but even the week leading up to Saturday is better now, because I'm always thinking of you, and following the compulsion to listen."

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